The Art and Design Academy makes waves in Paraguay!

The ADA has been featured this week  in a magazine supplement in a national newspaper in Paraguay!

BA Popular Music Studies lecturer and author, Simone Kruger, who specialises in ethnomusicology and  popular world music has been based in Paraguay for the last few weeks, continuing her research on the music of the country. This is Simones first fieldwork trip to Paraguay to explore the role of the guitar in the construction of identity in Paraguay’s new democracy. It is the first study of its kind, making it a significant scholarly contribution to knowledge about musical activity in a country that, until 2008, remained closed and unknown to the wider world. This work will provide the basis for new scholarly interest in this topic, and contribute new, unexplored insights into the uses, meanings and significance of the guitar in contemporary Paraguayan music.

The  national paper featured Simone as part of an article about the subject of her study; one most important rock guitarists in Paraguay, Rolando Chaparro.  who is about to release his rock/jazz version of Mangore Barrios’ music

Simone has thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far:

It’s going amazingly well, with a lot of research both with people and library-based already accomplished.

It’s great to see the ADA get a mention so far afield, and that Simone is getting on so well with her research. We look forward to seeing the results on her return!