Aim Higher

The Art and Design Pod and Carole Potter from Graphic Arts have just finished a 2 day workshop a group of teenagers working with The Aim Higher programme. The organisation aims to

make more people aware of what higher education is all about by providing workshops that schoolchildren can access, making them aware of career pathways they might never have known existed.

The ADA held two different  workshops for aspiring participants over the two days, giving them the chance to have a taste of techniques they would not usually use. Graphic Arts lecturer Carole Potter and a team of students and graduates led an animation session, while the POD led a practical session that aimed to show the benefits of laser cutting and sample a

The animation group had the chance to sample a whole array of different stop motion techniques,  developing their own ideas with the help of Graphic Arts graduates.

The second group had the task of creating their own model airplane which would be fabricated using the ADA’s laser cutting facilities. Each team were asked to brand their plane in the style of a famous celebrity The choices ranged from a  Mr.T branded plane for terrorists to a ‘plane of rock’ branded using the figurehead of comedian Jack Black.

Great fun was had by both groups, who came together to show their work on the final day. We hope to work with Aim Higher again during the coming year on a variety of projects.